Literacy Logons 2

A couple of new desktop backgrounds for the Literacy Logon series.  Enjoy!


Homework and Problem Solving

I’m going to try a new type of homework with Y7 for their Scratch programming topic.

It’s been made possible by the new online beta version of Scratch, which is ace.

I’ve created some buggy projects based on the things they will be learning, their homework will be to attempt a fix on at least one per homework.

Now, this raises some interesting questions:

1. Can they do it?

I hope so,we’ll do the sign up in lessons, and I’ve put this video on YouTube and the school website to show them how if they forget.

2. What if they don’t have Internet access at home?

Well, it’s 2 weeks between homeworks, and I’m rarely out of my room at lunchtimes.

3. What if they don’t get it right?

We’ll run a points score across the unit with massive* prizes. Points will be awarded for successful and unsuccessful attempts, provided there is a reasoned explanation of why it didn’t work or what was attempted.

4. How will I know they’ve done it?

Aha! Their parents will have to sign something to say that they have had a go.

5. How will OFSTED know they’ve done it?

My initial response is ‘who cares’? As we all know, if it isn’t put on a plate and make screamingly obvious for OFSTED, it doesn’t exist. However, I have an idea. So, I’ve gone astoundingly high tech and produced an A5 homework booklet for the recording of attempts, solutions and parental signatures.  They can print screen, write up or just draw the blocks of code. This will then live in their folders as lovely evidence.  Parents get a bit more info about what we’re up to in ICT, homework completion is monitored in the least painless way that I can think of and it’s a highly visible way of demonstrating ‘regular & rigorous’ (IMHO) homework.

Scratch homework booklet

6. What happens when if they lose the booklet?

Not sure yet, I’ve had more printed and will use my sanctions appropriately.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.