TeachMeet East Lancs is go!

TeachMeet East Lancs Logo

I’ve run quite a lot of large and small scale INSET over the past few years and tried a lot of different training strategies.  However, the two things that teachers always tell me that they find the most valuable are:

  • Time to share ideas
  • Chances to observe each other.

So when I heard about TeachMeets a year or so ago, I was fascinated.  It’s a really simple yet effective idea. I found out that #TMBolton was happening near me and signed up, but life got in the way and I had to pull out.

More than a year later, I’ve still not made it to an actual TeachMeet.  I love the sharing culture and exchange of ideas that happens on Twitter, and but I hadn’t managed to follow it up with any real life sharing.  So, inspired by these great posts my @ICTEvangelist and @Gripweed1, I decided to bite the bullet and organise one. It’s time to bring the CPD to me! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

TeachMeet logo

I’m being ably assisted in this venture by the wonderful @merryemb and the other ASTs at work.  There is already a rather large ‘to do’ list, but we do think that we’ve sorted the pies, so that’s the important stuff taken care of.

So, if you teach/work in a school in Wigan/Manchester/Salford/Liverpool/Bolton or just fancy a bit of a journey, please join us on Tuesday 9th July.  And bring a friend. And share this post with everyone you know. It’s here:

You can sign up below, or on the TeachMeet East Lancs Wiki Page,  join the Facebook group, tweet me at @MrAColley or email TMELancs@smchs.org.uk.

If you can’t make it on the night, the hashtag is #TMELancs and I’m hoping to live stream the event, more of which in later posts when we’ve figured out how to do it!

I hope to see you there. If not, bagsy having your pie!



TeachTweet 2

I’m very excited to be ‘presenting’ (if that’s the right word) at TeachTweet 2 on Thursday 2nd May between 20:00 and 21:30 BST (GMT +1).

My presentation is based on the feed back & feed forward work that I’ve been doing with Y9 this year.

The video is in the can, but there’s an embargo until the night, so I can’t show it here yet.  I will of course, post all the resources and vids once the event is over.  You can tweet during the event using the #teachtweet and #ukedchat hashtags, or just use a site like TweetChat to follow along, so please join in.