#CompEdUk – A hashtag is born

The new curriculum seems to have fragmented the Twitter community of ICT/Computing teachers into several different discussion groups.  I’ve been running out of space on my tweets trying to use all the hashtags to cover all bases.  Various hashtags being used are:

  • #ictcurric
  • #computing
  • #compatsch
  • #digitalstudies
  • #compsci

In an effort to provide a focal point or the discussion (and leave us some characters left in our tweets), a few of us on the CAS forums have suggested the use of a new hashtag for Computing related tweets.  It is *drumroll*


Please join the discussion and collaboration on Twitter by simply searching for the hashtag or including it in your tweets.

Update – The Power of Twitter

After finishing this blog post, I started publicising the hashtag on Twitter.  Less than 10 minutes later, Alan O’Donohoe (@teknoteacher) tweeted with this series of FREE webinars for computing teachers. Instant free CPD. How’s that?


Computing At School ‘Switched On’ Magazine

My article for the Computing At School magazine ‘Switched ON’ has just been published in the Autumn edition.CASMag

The article deals with differentiation in Scratch programming.  My bit’s on page 10, and I’d heartily recommend reading the rest of the magazine too. Here’s the download link: Switched On Autumn 14

I have now finished resourcing two Schemes of Work using the 4 step differentiation technique outlined in the article.  Follow the links below for to grab a copy from Dropbox.  I’m just finishing off running the Y8 unit and am very happy with the progress of my learners – using variables,  selection and loops in Scratch and debugging & discussing how their programs work with key terms.  Any feedback or suggestions for improvement are more than welcome.  Please use the resources under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution, non-commercial, share alike license.

Y8 – Virtual pet in Scratch (based on a project by Marc Scott – @coding2learn)

Y7 – Binary converter in Scratch.