The BBC micro:bit

I returned from the Easter break to find 4 huge parcels containing 280 BBC micro:bits (one for each Y7 in school.  This is tremendously exciting!  I’ve had my teacher bit for, erm, a bit and have loved playing around with it, as has my 6 year old daughter and her friends (a small plea – MORE of this sort of thing please BBC – lots of other year groups and especially primary teachers would LOVE these resources).

2016-02-16 09.16.24

Little Miss Colley and friends investigating the micro:bit.

The Y7 micro:bit pioneers club have been writing some excellent programs such as a compass, a real life snakes & ladders and a magic 8 ball too.

Now it’s time to start introducing all of Y7 to their new devices.  We’ve made the decision to keep the micro:bits in school whilst we work through the 4 lesson scheme of work and give them out at the end once pupils have become more familiar with the devices and (hopefully) some fires have been lit.

As usual, I’ve been busy creating resources, so here are:

My YouTube playlists:

My microbit website profile – basically all the scripts that I have written.

The scheme of work and lesson resources.


3 thoughts on “The BBC micro:bit

  1. Hi, I’m a freelance journalist writing about the micro:bit and how schools have used it so far for Business Cloud, a UK-wide technology magazine. Would you be able to contact me to comment on how your school has been using it?
    Many thanks
    Jenny Brookfield

  2. Playing around with the superb microbit for the first time tonight.
    I love your site – excellent videos and examples.

    I’ve spotted one blip on your ’tilt working’ code:

    Your last if statement should be “IF YTilt < -10" – Yours is set to XTilt.

    • Thanks for your kind words, the microbit is a great piece of kit and my students have loved learning with it. Thanks for the debug too, I’d like to say it was a deliberate mistake bit unfortunately……

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