I’m an ICT Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) and Lead Practitioner for teaching & learning at St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Astley, Greater Manchester.

My main interests are in how we learn, the new KS3 Computing curriculum, social media for professional development, E safety and quality INSET.

Stuff I’ve Done

Presented remotely at the 2nd TeachTweet and #TMCov 2014

Organised TeachMeet East Lancs.

Contributed to Staffrm.io

Started the #CompEdUK hashtag.

Presented at the SSAT 2014 Computing Conference in London.  The great thing about social media is that you get instant feedback:


SSAT_Tweet_1I’ve also delivered the Improving & Outstanding Teacher Programmes, been a Specialist Leader for Education for AfL and collaborative learning, run whole staff INSET at my school and others, team taught in primaries, trained as a coach, facilitator and middle leader.  If it’s got an acronym, chances are I’ve had a go.

At the moment, I’m applying for Computing at School ‘Master Teacher’ status and skilling up for the new GCSE and A Level specifications.

You can find me on Twitter at @MrAColley

As usual, any views or opinions on here are mine (or pinched from someone else) and don’t necessarily reflect those of my employer.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Andy,
    What a great set of resources! Was just doing a trawl of the Internet for ideas for refreshing our KS3 Computing offerings and came across your site. Game over!

    Thanks, Alex

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope your pupils learn a lot from the resources. Any feedback is more than welcome and keep your eyes peeled for summer updates.


  2. One of my Assistant Head Teachers sent me a link to your literacy article. He knew I would love it and I did!! So, I stumble upon your site and I am just so excited that you are so generous to share. In particular I loved how you shaded out the cells in the last column of the table to help with Denary to Hex conversions! Small but brilliant idea! Looking forward to trawling your resources. Thank you very much!!! Edel

  3. Hi Andy
    What a great site! We hope this is ok posting this to you. We just wondered if you’d help us share news of a great new STEM resource / challenge – http://www.shell.co.uk/brightideaschallenge.

    The brand new national schools challenge charges students 11-14 with imagining the types of energy challenges that future cities will face in 2050 and encourages them to use their STEM skills to create ingenious solutions that will improve quality of life in those cities. The winning team will receive £5000 to super-size the STEM experience at their school!

    The challenge takes between 2.5-5 hours to complete and the site includes a comprehensive Teacher Toolkit, video resources and curriculum linked ice breaker challenges.

    Deadline for entries is on 29th April at 5pm so there’s still plenty of time for people to enter!

    Thanks in advance for your support. We’re really keen to ensure as many young people as possible can take part in the challenge and be inspired by it.

    We wish you continued success with your great blog….


  4. Hi Andy

    What superb looking resources – how can I ‘join’ in please. Working somewhat on my own to develop/deliver KS3 and 4 Computing in Y7 and 8 – then GCSE Y9-Y11 and now new A Level as well. Any help/advice or even resources would be fantastic.



    • Hi Helen. You don’t have to join, the links should take you to Dropbox folders where you can download and adapt your own versions.

      I’d advise (if you haven’t already) joining Computing at School. There are loads more resources on their site. You can also find out if there are any ‘master teachers’ near you. These people have a brief to help and support others delivering CS. It’s a great programme.

      Good luck with your computing!


  5. Hi,

    You have a great site, I have made use of your year 8 web unit but used it alongside what I have with Year 7, I like that fact you have used Notepad++, how has it worked for you?

    You mentioned a link on the powerpoint slides in lessons 2 and 3 which have a link of Tutorial_Site.lnk but this cant be opened in Chrome nor in another program, can you advise what the link for the tutorials is?



    • Hi Rob,

      Thank is for the feedback. Notepad++ is working well for us 🙂

      The tutorial site is a self contained micro site that I’ve made to help pupils progress independently through the unit. If you download the whole unit from the Dropbox folder then there is a ‘Tutorial Site’ subfolder with all the relevant webpages in. The lesson slides refer to a shortcut to the index page of this site, which is why it probably doesn’t work for you. Try going into the tutorial site folder and opening the index.htm file instead.


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