Safer Internet Day 2015

I’m happy to report that my school is taking part in Safer Internet Day once again this year with all forms having assemblies and performing activities in registration around the theme of ‘Building a Better Internet Together’.

In addition, I run my ‘E Safety for Parents’ evening, and here are some of the resources from the night.  Please share any original work using  a creative commons share alike license.

Amazing Mind Reader – a video that really makes you think about what to post.

Orange Digital Dirt – one of my favourite videos about digital footprints.

My Slide Deck – here are my slides from the night.  If you prefer, here is a link to the PowerPoint file – IS for Parents V3.


ThinkUKnow – Your (and my) one stop shop for advice for parents and pupils.

The Parent Zone – a great site with an especially good free magazine about digital parenting.


Safer Internet Day 2014


Happy Safer Internet Day everyone!

As part of our work around the day, I run a session for parents about E Safety issues.  You can access the slide deck from the session by following the links below.  Please share under Creative Commons Non-Commercial, Share Alike.

Powerpoint version.

PDF version.

For more advice and useful links, please visit my E Safety page.


On the night,, I was asked if there were any parental controls that let you filter for any device connected to your wireless connection.  I wasn’t aware of any, but this article from Feb 5th 2014 indicates that the big Internet companies have reached an agreement with the Government to put them in place.  It’s also a great guide to parental controls in general.