Classroom Technology

On this page I’ll post links to ICT across the curriculum resources that I’ve used or found. Enjoy!

The first link is to Twitter – hands down the best CPD tool I’ve ever come across. Thousands of educators from across the world communicating, collaborating and thinking about learning. I’m challenged and inspired every day by people on there. To follow me, on Twitter, click here.

If you’re still not convinced just follow some of the people I follow for a little while, I guarantee you will get some fabulous ideas.

Here is a wonderful Google Document – The Little Book of Superb Sites for Teachers by Mark Anderson (the ICT Evangelist). It’s a great resource and well worth a look:
Little Book of Superb Sites

Alternativeto – A great site that gives you alternatives to existing software.

Audacity – Record, edit & generally play around with audio. Free too!

Classtools – Great site with templates for thinking maps and games – good for teaching thinking.

Cover It Live – Free live blogging. Great for trips, sports matches, enrichment days etc… Free iPhone app too.

Findsounds – A search engine for audio files

Gimpshop – Free Photoshop-a-like.

Jaycut – A free online video editor

Mindmeister – Online mind mapping with real time collaboration.

Photostory – A cool free image slideshow creator from Microsoft.

PodcastMachine – Free podcast hosting. Really easy to use.

Popplet – Free online collaborative mind maps with integrated image search – really easy and really good!

Posterous – A blog and resource sharing site – I’ve used it to set up private class revision blogs that pupils upload their work to. Easy to control who can see/contribute and a breeze to use.

Prezi – Not PowerPoint! 🙂 Seriously though, this is a really powerful and easy to use presentation tool.

Storybird – Collaborative storytelling. You add the text. Wonderful for MFL.

Teach-ICT video tutorials – everything you ever needed to learn about most common software apps. I still use them when I’m stuck!

Teachertube – a library of thousands of educational videos, documents, photos, audio……

Watchknow – A great site that collates thousands of educational videos and sorts them by subject and topic

Wordle – Beautiful word clouds.

Worldometer – Real time global stats. Miles more interesting than it sounds!

Yacapaca – Online, community structured VLN-ish free resource. Create, set and auto mark quizzes & assignments. Or nick other people’s!

Xtranormal – Turns text into animation brilliantly!


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