E Safety

Teaching e-safety

Here are some links to resources that I’ve found useful when educating parents, pupils and staff about Internet safety (please note, I’m not responsible for the content of external websites or others that they may link to).

This presentation is a fantastic resource from @tombarrett. It’s a collaborative document called ‘Interesting Ways to Teach Internet Safety‘. Please add your own ideas to the end.

I Know What You Did Five Minutes Ago

A thought provoking video about giving away information online.

Commoncraft videos

Brilliantly simple videos that explain topics in plain English. My favourites are:

Resources for Parents & Carers

Safer Internet Day 2014 Resources

The slideshow from my Safer Internet Day 2014 parental session.  All information taken from various advice sites around the web.

Powerpoint version
PDF version

The advice leaflets that made up the booklet given out on the night. All taken from the great Safer Internet site.

Other Resources For Parents


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