INSET resources

You can find links to my INSET resources here.

Feel free to adapt for your school, but under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Collaborative learning INSET

Two 40-50 minute sessions to introduce collaborative learning techniques to a group of 30 staff.

Twitter for Teachers INSET

1 hour session designed for NQT/RQTs but also delivered to ASTs. 

Engagement & Motivation INSET

1 Hour session for NQTs & RQTs.

Introduction to SOLO Taxonomy INSET

1 hour 15 whole staff INSET.

Outstanding Questioning INSET

30 minute whole staff INSET.

Creating Assessment Spreadsheets

Youtube videos to guide you through the steps. Divided into  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

L2L for form tutors INSET

30 minute introduction to L2L and the discrete L2L curriculum for Y7.

Memory & Revision Skills

Memory and revision skills for Y10/11.


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